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I have tasted her heart...
And I still remember it's flavor:
I underestimated it's potency.
Like nectar, her love oozed
from her heart
to my lips
and from my lips
to my words.
It now calcifies in my skeleton.
The venom has taken it's place already,
and I am again it's victim.
I am again in love...
It melts my inner defenses
Reckless, relentless
I am not breathing,
but breathless.
It mocks me,
what was the expense,
to have this intense,
toxin commence?
And so, why does it burn like hell
if I've been though it a million times?
Why does her love scald,
even after I promised mine?
Does love happen like this to everyone?
My pores now exude her love
and I have no place for
so I place it in,
the barrel of a pen,
and hope
it saves my soul.
There is no anti-venom;
For this love,
even a little,
Is enough to bring
any man,
not to his knees,
but to his nearest,
poison control center.
So to whom it may concern:
I warn you,
with my swollen heart,
and a brittle
:iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 2 3
Eviction Notice
After being broken many times,
I have learned to mend,
and now?
I'm unbreakable.
They whisper while I'm there,
like trying not to disturb,
the animal that resides,
in mental chains.
"We're family, we do everything we can for each other."
They say, as they borrow yet another sum from me
to feed themselves
and take the credit for everyone else.
This is not what family does.
They say blood is thicker than water
but never once,
has blood sustained me.
Never once,
have they.
They sort out my accounts when they need be,
so that they can use what they need...
Take from me what they don't.
This is not my home.
I will put my foot down,
with what little strength I have.
Speak, even when my throat is raw.
Reason, with little resolve I gather.
I am fatigued,
but at least I'm not defeated...
I will leave this place,
this place of false hope,
this place of false dreams,
this place of false love.
I am my own home,
I harbor my heart,
my soul,
my will to live,
not in this decrepit pla
:iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 3 4
I sit here, alone.
at at dingy couch, with a broken pen and book
a warm cup of tea,
and a mind ready to crumble.
You see, lately these thoughts of
They pester my mind.
I no longer wake up ready to start my day.
I just wake up wanting it to end already.
I have reached my point,
where even imagination
grows stagnant,
And my stress,
grows monstrous.
I still have some hope,
some poetry,
some sliver of peace
in my chaotic mind.
Yeah... I still have my word.
And I write, slowly mending;
knowing full well,
I will escape,
I can survive ,
I must write more.
And I feel it...
The poetry flows through me,
like a stream of nebulae
running the elements
through my vessels, Yes!
I feel it clear my mind
all this clutter of regret
I banish it!
I relinquish it!
I take a deep breath,
slowly form my words...
Yeah, I still have them.
I will shape them,
mold them,
sculpt them,
into unbroken dreams.
Yeah, unbroken dreams,
for a broken
:iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 1 2
Empty Strive
I think between the interval of
helping everyone and,
helping anyone,
I lost myself...
and I can't help that anymore.
I used to be able to wake up
Thinking that someone would appreciate
The little things.
I go back to sleep later
'The little things didn't matter today.'
No, they didn't matter today.
I wake up not positive, or negative,
but neutral.
Neutral because the the feeling,
the effort,
the caring,
was for someone to be helped,
but not remember
who helped them.
It's like...
They thank the help,
but not the helper.
So when I strive, I don't feel like
I'm striving for the sake of me,
But for,
everyone else's.
Yeah, I want to feel important,
but I'll ask you...
If you put your life into something you want to be appreciated for,
Wouldn't you want the appreciation?
:iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 3 3
there is not enough eyes
to see the beauty
of other eyes,
and what they have seen.
My eyes have seen tragedies
worth the sight of no jester
they have seen moments
that elapsed in
several blinks.
it's sometimes a terrible thing
that whatever we see,
we do not just see it,
but rather,
we try to understand why it's there.
But, whether it's bad or good,
it won't matter.
I'd rather keep my sight,
and risk the day,
Then to curse the sense,
and never see it again.
:iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 3 2
The Catacombs.
"The Catacombs."
Some have kept skeletons in their closet.
I have kept catacombs...
A closet wouldn't fit,
All the secrets I tucked away.
:iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 4 0
Mature content
Liquid Diamonds. :iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 5 5
Mature content
Motherland. :iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 3 7
Mature content
Hallucination. :iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 4 2
"The Weight"
The calluses are the only thing I left have of her.
My hands used to be strong,
They are nothing more than mangled memories
Of the bearing weight I once carried.
Her heart is a lead block,
Her feelings heavier,
Than most men could lift.
I took the challenge,
Showed her my strength,
And carried her heart high.
I grew more formidable,
My strength exponential;
Her feelings stronger.
We were inseparable.
Over time...
Her heart became lighter
Not of ease to me,
Not when I see
Her heart slowly gravitating
Another mass loomed above,
Much more pompous;
Bigger than mine.
Her heart naturally followed it's laws,
And went with what pulled her better.
I pull back.
And, with strained hands
Tendons worthy of vigor
I lose, miserably.
Her forms slowly vanishes,
A mountain,
Suddenly a pebble,
Appears in my clouded eyes.
I have lost what made me strong.
She has lost what carried her,
And for so long.
I become weak, another simple man
Among simple men.
The worst thing
:iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 4 0
Poverty does not have the face of a woman.
Poverty has no face.
Poverty has a skull, it's features sold
To the highest bidder.
Those rusted bones, just keep working
When work has become worthless.
Those hungry faces, amass hungry skulls,
Wait for rations as bitter as the mouths
Those dry lips
That feed on them.
Death looms, his form a vulture
Ravenous for those starving children (ironically),
To give up the fight on life.
That hidden vigor,
Within withering bones
Keeps those skeletons
Working for their bodies.
They say there is a struggle.
There is no struggle.
They've already lost.
They just prolong the loss,
Until it's time to pay up.
And the children will pay up,
Those infantile minds,
Will know nothing more than:
"This month's due. Pay up."
Only one warning,
Before those greedy eyes
Suddenly see labor in them.
Those broken minds;
Those strained bodies;
Will understand soon
They pay the price of living,
For those who don't pay at all.
And when that day comes,
Oh, when that
:iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 2 0
Have you ever been unlucky,
A loser among the lost?
A prisoner of your sadness?
A problem with no cause?
Have you ever felt alone?
Like you didn't ever belong?
Where you try to speak up,
But everyone is gone?
Have you ever sat at home,
And Death's your only friend?
That hooded companion evident,
At least, until your end?
Is there no one for you,
Who truly understands?
Who won't clench their fist
But instead hold your hand?
Have you ever had your efforts
Crumple over you?
A towering mess of failure,
Crumpling over you?
Has the cosmos denied you right,
To let you enter space?
Because you were all alone
Because you need a place?
A place to release the hurt,
Because the veins won't bleed no more.
A place to release those pent up tears,
To cleanse and make you pure.
But these are nothing but lines,
To comfort those in need,
Because I am like, you, oh yes, it's true.
I'm also unlucky, indeed.
:iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 7 2
Dear Sweet Tooth.
"Dear Sweet Tooth"
Dear Sweet Tooth,
I was at the Bakery today,
You remember, right?
We both saw that slice of cheesecake,
Yeah, you know~,
The one we ate today!
You forgot already, didn't you?
Let me tell you again:
We sat at the table, and watched
As the waitress took the cake knife
And cut through heaven.
Let me tell you about it.
That cheesecake was creamy~,
It's base made from graham-crackers
Sweet! No?
But you should have seen the best decoration,
The fruit.
Two strawberries coupled the top;
Like two plump, red, juicy lovers.
They were coated by sauce, like a steam
Running over a beautiful plateau
Of savory dessert.
It called out to us,
Like a scrumptious siren;
Signing a song of
Savory sweetness~.
We immediately ordered a plate,
Of a slice of heaven.
We sat down, giddy
Like a child waiting for a new toy.
The waitress smiled, as she handed us
A snow-white plate , and on top?
That slice, eager to please.
The two strawberries sat aside,
as if being polite, it allowed my eyes to
:iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 3 19
Mature content
Anger. :iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 4 16
Sleep lurks, stalking me.
My mind forces my eyes shut.
All hell breaks loose now.
:iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 6 0
Mature content
Misdiagnosis :iconinsatiablestarvation:InsatiableStarvation 3 6
These are all my poems. They represent different things, from my memories and experiences, to simply random creation from my imagination. Please show respect and do not copy my work, if you want a poem, I can make you one. Other than that, I hope you all enjoy these. Thank you. :)


It's just a shame to see your face--
the way you poison yourself, so.
You are just a corpse of disgrace,
wailing out your pitiful woes.
I've offered you my hand always,
but we ended up parting ways.
In the end you're welcome back
but you must have your life on track.
:iconcelestialmemories:CelestialMemories 10 4
living (with friends).
There lies that heavy sensation,
that perfect appreciation
of the universe in your eyes
when you realize that you are alive.
But living is not just a state
it is the control of your fate.
Your world is open and so wide
when you realize that you are alive.
There's often beauty in your words
The sky's the limit? Absurd.
The sky's just there for you to shine
when you know that you are alive.
Lovely truths exist in your ribcage,
true as the moon's changing phase.
It's that feeling of inner pride
when you know that you are alive.
There's endless gratification,
that perfect appreciation.
Because, with you, there's endless time
when you know that you are alive.
:iconcelestialmemories:CelestialMemories 15 30
Teguh Oesman.
Mount Grayson University is a very prominent University well-known for their Political Science Program. Many politicians and activists have graduated from this university and went on to have very successful careers. You can see this when you enter the Counseling Center; pictures of senators and lobbyists adorned the walls like a family would decorate their living room. Occasionally you would see a space where a frame once resided, to avoid public media due to a recent tabloid scandal or when the wealthy official refused to donate any money. The spots would never be filled but instead just exposed the discolored concrete walls that held cheap, white paint. 
A requirement of graduating with a Political Science degree means that a student must complete forty hours of working with a campaign, and after the sanctioning of ALACORP by the government, it left a lot of activist organizations to work with: most for the equality between the apes and humans. I had my own volunteer responsibil
:iconcelestialmemories:CelestialMemories 9 11
This is a call to arms,
My brothers and sisters,
My brethren and kin!
Come, wield your weapons of ink and anarchy,
Plastic and passion.
Let loose your attacks, concise and precise
So that they may hit ever deeper, aim ever true.
With elegant movement, an economy of motion,
A fluidity of the fingers,
Against intolerance, injustice, impossibility
Against those pessimists claiming to be realists
Against those who would hold back dreamers
Against lies, against our common enemy
Which is but what we make of it.
We are wordsmiths,
Our pens- our weapons of choice,
Our words- our attack.
We unveil the truth with elegance and artful words
Reveal ourselves with honesty and all the fear that comes with doing so.
We are fighters.
We are believers
In dreams, of worlds beyond the one we live in.
We are daydreamers, realists, pessimists, optimists, and everything inbetween
We are artists.
We are wordsmiths.
:iconcontradictory55:Contradictory55 6 9
To Climb a Tree
When we were young
you asked me
to climb a tree for you
"Be brave!" you said,
and climb that tree
to get a better view.
I climbed the tree,
as I was asked
and made it almost to the top
I clung to my branch and found myself
scared witless and stuck halfway
I couldn't go up, I couldn't go down
but you told me not to stop.
"Go on!" you cried
"Up to the top! To find a better view!"
and I did as you asked
because even then
I was quite in love with you.
When we were older
you asked me
to pack my bags and meet you
in the park at night and greet you
with a kiss and a ticket for the train.
"We'll off and find a better life!"
you said, and I believed you
though I remembered the day
the firemen came
to get me down from the tree
"Why'd you go up all the way up there?"
they asked, and I answered only, "The view".
I remembered my scratched hands
and how ashamed I felt
at getting stuck in the tree
like a baby, or worse, a coward
and I wondered then,
at the station, as in the tree
as the train
:iconintelligentzombie:IntelligentZombie 9 11
October's Theme Result and November's Theme!
UPDATE: Because of the extra requirements in the Theme of the Month and some late pairings among group members, the Theme "Emotion" will carry on to December as well.
If you are unhappy with your collaboration partner or you still haven't received one (most likely because a lack of participants) then feel free to leave a comment.
Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Halloween! With November just beginning, the writers are just beginning NaNoWriMo while the visual artists are either inspired (or discouraged) by the blistery autumn season. But hopefully you'll still have time for our Theme of the Month Contest!
But first, here's the results of our October Theme of the Month:
First Place
silver-ships-fly takes the lead with her beautiful piece "i wouldn't mind listening to time sing me away."

Though she hasn't been with us long, silver-ships-fly has joined our ranks with a bang. One of the most serious while simultaneously beautiful pieces of our su
:iconapicturetoa1000words:APictureToA1000Words 1 25
There is no other option for those of which who have already fallen, or have yet to fall. You're doomed from the start and once you realize this, you have to start running, running and never stopping for fear of being caught in the undertow of the chain of events.
It's the guillotine- it's either looming- teetering- overhead or it's already falling, cutting through the air above your head. There is no backing down because your path has been chosen, and there are no means of escaping the consequence of your actions like those you have escaped before. The crowd watches on, looking from face to face and wondering who may be ended next.
There's a sort of feel to the air once you realize your fate- heavier, untouching, as if the world already knows you will soon be gone, nothing more than a leaf in the wind. There's a pulling at your heart, as if Death himself already has his spindly skeleton fingers wrapped around your slow pulsing lifeblood, crooning that it's time to leave this place.
:iconevelyntaliette:EvelynTaliette 5 6
Mature content
Keep Your Teeth :iconautumnlit:autumnlit 0 13
Grass Blade by Choclogirl Grass Blade :iconchoclogirl:Choclogirl 1 2 Upon my precious wings by Inezz-Nezzy Upon my precious wings :iconinezz-nezzy:Inezz-Nezzy 5 0
A Personal Apology
Hey everyone.
I would like to apologize to everyone to my activity lately involving DeviantArt. I know I have become super busy and have neglected when it comes to critiquing and commenting in time. I am trying very hard to get everything I need done and still making sure I look at all of your works, commenting, critiquing, faving, and everything.
Lately I have received several notes that have asked me why I don't look at their stuff, or if I do why I do not critique it. I want you to know that I read and critique all of your stuff, but when I am busy sometimes I just bypass it and comment later. Then it builds up and I forget. I apologize, I am trying my best to keep this all balanced, I have not found the perfect balance yet.
This is why I ask for you to link me to work you want me to critique, because I am sure to make it my priority to do it in a timely fashion--but unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day (as you can see I am up at 3 in the morning having to wake up in
:iconcelestialmemories:CelestialMemories 2 26
A Thousand Bullets...
Killing gunshots, blinding pain- repaid karma.
:iconevelyntaliette:EvelynTaliette 4 4
90 Facts 90 Watchers
I am so excited that I got 90 watchers! It is an awesome accomplishment and I am so honored and humbled and just so unbelievably giddy! Thank you.
And stealing the idea from DemonisAOH, I will give you 90 facts about myself. Facts about who I am, what I like, and some of the oddities that I experience. Later on (probably this weekend after the retreat) I will do another watcher feature. Much love.
1. I have severe OCD.
:pointr: I have three calendars and five-six planners that are for each aspect of my life.
2. I like my coffee black but my tea with milk and sugar (except Earl Grey).
3. I'm really bad at GTA: San Andreas.
4. I am an only child.
5. I am a workaholic.
6. I have watched anime for YEARS.
7. I have had a major crush on Gaara of The Sand from Naruto (and I still do).
8. I am single.
9. I LOVE pink.
10. I prefer to work by myself when it comes to all tasks.
11. Winnie The Pooh is my favorite childhood character.
12. Odette from "The Swan Princess"
:iconcelestialmemories:CelestialMemories 3 37
Awesome Admins, Feature #1: CelestialMemories!
As many of our admins have kindly devoted their spare time to critiquing, reading, and generally just motivating everyone in our circle of members, I have decided that it's time to do a Feature for our admins- starting with the most lovely and important of all, CelestialMemories:iconCelestialMemories:!
CelestialMemories is an inspiring poet and writer who, despite the little she receives in turn, still comments on everyone's work with a beautiful, ever-positive opinion and a push in the right direction.

(My personal favorite is her "This Is My Fairytale" series about the saddest of fairytales. Help even out her huge stack of collected good karma by giving her feedback on her work!)
:bulletpink:CelestialMemories is also the backbone of our group. She's commented on countless deviations, critiqued every type of art, and is always there for a helping hand even when s
:iconapicturetoa1000words:APictureToA1000Words 2 14


by AtipeAk

The first thing I see here that really stands out well is the contrast with the color and the black and white hues. The latter in this ...


It's been a while. I've come back to 10,000 messages, all my friends still making art (go you!), and a whim to start again. Through my months of absence, I've actually haven't been able to write or do such.

I've gotten a job, actually, which is surprising! I work in a pharmacy and that's just the beginning (you should be there on Friday's...). I also still think about everyone here from time to time, and I miss you all, to be honest. I'm gonna try and see if I can get some poems on here, it's been far too long that I haven't been able to express my thoughts with you all. 

Thank you, and let the rest of the night begin. (It's 2 AM here.)


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I'm Adolfo. I'm from New York and throughout my lifetime, I've been learning. I observe society and how it works, an I then force it's truths out of my mind. This is the work of my poetry, which is what I do at heart; what I do best. I adore the strange, the abstract, the incomprehensible. The gift of language is what I use to show the world it's importance. Other that that, I'm a normal, everyday, thinking young adult.



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